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Libertagia Review – Scam or Legit? It is SCAM – NOI
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Libertagia Review – Is Scam or Legit?

Latest Update:- Libertagia is now stop paying to their members. Actually we had already warned people about this company from starting which you can find in our review as below. But, most of time many members of Libertagia force us to change our review on it and declare it as legit. However, at last our guess come true. Libertagia has now turned into Scam. Sorry for those who believe and lose their money in this program.


You can find our previous review on Libertagia as below:-

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Libertagia is Scam

Although we are still investigating on Libertagia, but also we don’t want to be late to declare it as bad company become so far from our investigation, we find that the business model which they are following is not sustainable. In the past there were lots of those kind of companies which follow MLM and Pyramid schemes business model and turn to be scams. For any affiliate programs to be successful, there should be the real and sell-able items like in WA. But the products which Libertagia offering are not other than membership fees. You need to gather lots of people and let them buy crappy product in order to earn in Libertagia. This concept is really not good and failed many times in past. If in the future they add real products, then we can re-think  about it, otherwise it will be debt soon if it run like this way.


Libertagia can’t make profit by following this business model. So, if they can’t make profit, how they will pay to their members and why they are not calculating their profit and loss ratio. Either scammer or just an unprofessional beginners business man will not care about profit and loss within their business. So, either way, for the members who are working in Libertagia will be huge loss.


Even we have already found many complains from lots of members around the interent about not getting payment from Libertagia and even this company pays, then also no one can succeed in it. It is very hard to earn in this kind of company and more than that there is always chance to lose money if they shut it down.


If you want to know the real affiliate program which give you step by step training, which is online from 2005 and which teaches you everything about internet marketing so that you can succeed in any online work, then we recommend you to join in WA. First of all, read the detail review of WA within our website and then you can decide by yourself whether or not join in it. You can find the detail review of WA within our website by clicking the following link:-

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