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Is Vindale Research scam? Vindale Research safe? – NOI
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Are you searching for Vindale Research reviews in order to find out Vindale Research is scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in right place because we are here providing the detail Vindale Research review along with Vindale Research Surveys reviews, Vindale Research Complaints, Vindale Research Panel details etc. so that you can find out the real truth about Vindale Research, both pros and cons. However, before we begin with our VindaleResearch review, in brief we want to say that Vindale Research is not a scam company because it is paying to its all members on time, but that doesn’t make it one of our recommended companies because it is very hard to earn a good amount from this site. If you are looking for extra pocket money, then it may be your cup of tea. That is why we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section than in our Good and Trusted Online Works section. Otherwise if you are looking for the site to earn a good  income online so that you can established your full time online income for lifetime, then you may want to take a look at our No.1 recommended online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-

Domain of Vindale Research:-

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Background of Vindale Research

Vindale Research is an established company from New York city, USA. It is one of the popular and the old survey company. So, does that mean it is the best place to earn money online? Well, it means it pays on time as per its TOS to every members for doing their work. But, it doesn’t mean it is a good platform to earn money online because you can’t expect to earn good amount to make a living from this company.



How to earn money from Vindale Research?

First of all you must know that Vindale Research is available for four countries only and those are United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada and Australia. If you are from other countries than these four, then better you forget about Vindale Research and try to find out other online work companies, some of which are listed within our this page:-


It is very easy to earn money from Vindale Research because you can earn money by submitting answers of queries like in an traditional surveys and can earn from $1 to $5 for each Vindale Research survey. Vindale Research also provides some videos in their website from which we can earn upto $0.25 by watching those videos. You can also earn upto $0.1 for viewing emails send by Vindale Research to your email and interacting on them. Another way to earn from Vindale Research is by doing evaluation of the products, but for this you have to use your credit card and then need to test those products or services till it’s trial period and then need to give your opinion about those products or services at the end of those trials. The amount that you need to spend to try those products will be compensated and you will earn from $5 to $75 for such survey. But the problem here is that most of the time advertisers who put those kind of surveys either kick you out in the middle of the surveys or some of them even will try to scam you by not canceling your monthly subscription for the products or services that you have purchased to try those product or services and will end up paying monthly subscription fee which will cut from your credit card. Even it is always danger to give your credit card information to everyone. So, do these kind of surveys at your own risk.


We can also earn from VindaleResearch by making referrals such as by suggesting our friends to join this website through our referral link. We can earn $5 from our each referral. If you want to find out the best strategy to get referrals in VindaleResearch or in any other online work companies, then please click this link:-


There are also some contests in Vindale Research. You can take a look on those contests after joining this company. You can win upto $15 on those contests.


There is also a daily consumer study that you can study as many times as you like and get payment for that.



Drawbacks of Vindale Research

  1. Although Vindale Research is available to work from four countries, but also you can use the coupons that you have earned from Vindale Research only in United States, so the members from others countries can’t take benefit of those coupons and it will be nothing for them and the effort they have put to earn those coupons will be complete waste.
  2. Most of surveys available in Vindale Research will direct you to other survey companies to complete those surveys.
  3. Minimum cash out limit is $50 which is very high amount compare with the amount that you can earn from Vindale Research and will take lots of time to earn that much amount.
  4. Evaluation Surveys are little risky because we have to purchase the products or services first, means need to invest first in order to complete those surveys for which even we have to submit our credit card information and some of advertisers can misuse those information. So, we should not do these surveys unless we are sure those surveys are from genuine advertisers. 
  5. Like in other survey companies, here also you will be kick out in the middle of some surveys, after you complete half of those surveys which will completely waste your time.



Aforementioned, it takes lots of time to work and earn money from this company. Even many members have leave this site before they reach minimum cashout threshold because they feel it takes lots of time to reach that minimum cashout threshold. So, if you are joining Vindale Research by thinking you can earn a good amount of money to make a living from it, then better you stay away from this site because from this site you can expect to earn only some extra cash, like pocket money. If you are looking for a real deal to earn real money online so that you can established your full time online career for your lifetime, then you should join the top rated companies like Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-


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Good Luck!

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