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Is Paypal a Scam?

Is Paypal Scam? The straight answer is NO. But sometimes the way they handle disputes and change the rules, it makes them look like a scam although their intention is good and they are doing that only to protect their client, the problem is sometimes they become overprotective. Also, there are some scammers who try to hack the Paypal account and scam people. This post is to make you well aware of some negative sides of Paypal. However, we don’t mean Paypal is bad. Actually we recommend everyone to use Paypal, but through this post, we want to make you well aware of the consequences working with Paypal so that you can work safely with Paypal and also become well aware of other Paypal scams, Paypal scam emails, Paypal scam works which are actually not by Paypal itself, but from the hackers who tried to hack your Paypal account.

OK, before we begin to talk about other scammers who try to scam you in the name of Paypal, let’s talk about the problems which you may be facing from Paypal itself.

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Account Limitation rule of Paypal and Unsatisfactory Dispute Resolution

As we all know that Paypal is a legit payment processor and the most trustable one. However, like we use to say everyone is not perfect, it seems Paypal is also not being fair to some accounts from time to time. We know that Paypal must be careful with everyone’s account behavior because they have to provide buyers’ protection so that buyers can claim back their money from the seller within 180 days. So, for that, they must keep on eye on sellers’ accounts, which is a good thing and this is the reason why they are famous and known as the most secure online payment system. However, while doing so, sometimes they just directly limit the accounts of anyone without any notice due to which those account holder neither can take out their money nor can use Paypal to buy anything further. Like this limitation, Paypal can do for 180 days. It is OK to do such kind of limitation if you are sure that someone is totally bad. But, Paypal is doing that kind of limitation whenever they feel something is not right and need to investigate those accounts.

PayPal also should do some research on every report and dispute. Sometimes we have found PayPal ended up dispute favoring someone who is wrong. For example, we have done reviews on multiple scam online stores and many people who end up purchasing from scam online stores using their PayPal account, they have opened a dispute via their PayPal account. However, most of the time, PayPal has saved money of innocent people from scammers but sometimes PayPal has failed to recognize the culprit one. The scam online stores, which are sending wrong items to the client such as sending cheap sunglasses to those who have bought some TV or Tools or some high priced items, are getting their money easily out of PayPal since PayPal has canceled the dispute thinking the clients have received their goods. So, PayPal should check what items online stores are sending to those clients who have opened a dispute before closing those disputes.

We are not saying that Paypal is doing a favor to some companies. We know Paypal will not do any favor to anyone because they are big-name themselves and they don’t want to ruin their name by supporting some bad companies. They are just trying to be fair and strict. But doing so, we request Paypal through this article to do it more properly so that innocent people don’t become victim of your rules and regulations. You also must consider how many people will be affected by limiting the account or canceling the dispute without researching deeply into the matter.

Through this post, we actually want to request Paypal to handle disputes properly and find out the alternatives of account limitation and also investigate deeply how many will be affected by that limitation and those will be innocent people or not. We also request Paypal to post official blog mentioning the reason of limiting any account whenever they limit the account of big companies which have more than $20,000+ balance within their account so that everybody will know the reason Paypal has limited that account and can testify either that account holder is innocent or actually faulty.

We are not here against or support of anyone. If Paypal thinks we are wrong, then we welcome any team member of Paypal to use the comment section below and explain about these all limitation stuff more properly.

Hackers are trying to scam your Paypal account through emails

Another problem using Paypal is not associate with Paypal itself, but with other hackers who are trying to hack your Paypal account. Actually you can very easily come out of this problem if you become clever.

Hackers are trying many ways to hack your Paypal account. Once you open the Paypal account, you may get lots of emails from hackers pretending to be from Paypal. In those kinds of emails, you will find out that Paypal has sent you to email to notify you that your account got limited or something unusual happen within your account or you got some money from somewhere, etc. and will suggest you click the link and log in to your Paypal account.


First of all, check the email address of sender. If the email address does not end with the domain name of Paypal such as “……”, then that is definitely not from Paypal. Even if the domain name is from Paypal, then also we suggest you not click the link as provided in the email. Instead, you can simply delete that email and then can check your Paypal account by signing in through the official website of Paypal which is If you follow this guidance, no one can hack your Paypal account.


We hope this article helps you to know much more about Paypal.

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