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Is Neobux a Scam? What is Neobux? – NOI
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Is Neobux a Scam or a Legit? What is Neobux? Neobux Review.

Finally we decide to list Neobux to our Not Recommended sites list, but not because it has stopped paying or turned into scam. It is still paying on time, but the problem is its rented referrals and the difficulty to earn money from it.


We were working with Neobux from 2013 and finally in 2017 we gave up working with it because after trying everything, we still didn’t make even a $100 per year from Neobux. We used many strategies to rent referrals and manage them, but whatever we did, we never make any profit from rented referrals of Neobux, instead we always lose the money. After that we only focused to make direct referral in Neobux. But, after referring thousands of referrals, we never get good amount of active referrals. Then we understand the reality. It is because when people join Neobux, most of time they think about earning from their own clicks and by renting referrals. But, when they realize they can’t earn good enough from their own click and even lose money by renting referrals, they just leave the site due to which it will be very hard to get good amount of active referrals.


You can think yourself how much referrals we can get only through our this Neobux review because it is in first page in Google search page. But after that also, we never get good amount of active referrals, most of time people always click for some days and leave the site. So, this proves that involving with Neobux is just a waste of time.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

After following the best marketing strategy, that is getting referrals from the review which appear in first page in Google, if from there also we can’t get good amount of referrals to earn good income, then there is not any other way to earn good income from Neobux. However, we also tried to advertise it in other many PTC sites and we get referrals as well, but after some months, they just became inactive. So, we don’t want other also start to hope anything big from Neobux. So, we also don’t recommend you to rent referrals in Neobux as well, otherwise you will end up losing your money. So, now from our side, we don’t recommend Neobux.


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Below is our previous review on Neobux

Before we begin with our Neobux review, we want to make you clear that you can’t earn good income form Neobux and neither it is good for the advertisers because the advertisers can’t get any good results by advertising in PTC sites like Neobux. Actually not only Neobux, but we don’t recommend any PTC sites and you can find out why by clicking this link:-

Neobux Review. Is Neobux Scam or Legit? Neobux Reviews. Neobux Safe or not? Neobux Complaints.

Background of Neobux:-


Neobux was launched on March 25, 2008 and the owner/admin of Neobux is Fernando.



What is Neobux? Does Neobux Work?


Neobux is one of the old bux model PTC website (Pay to click service). In Neobux, you can earn money by viewing advertisements. You can earn from $0.001 to $0.01 per advertisement click and can earn commission by referring people. But, it isn’t good as it sounds. You can’t earn even a $10 in one year from your own clicks. And if you refer people, they will just leave the site after some days when they know the fact that the earnings from this site is not good. That is why we don’t recommend any PTC sites like Neobux because you can’t earn good income from any PTC sites and PTC sites are also not good for advertisement purpose.


It claims you can earn more by renting referrals, but we don’t recommend you to do that. We have explained in details about renting referrals in Neobux within the “Drawbacks of Neobux” caption as below.



Drawbacks of Neobux:-

  • Neobux is a PTC site and there is a record of PTC sites turning into scams even after running successfully for many years.
  • Earning is very low, you can’t make even a $10 per year from your own work in Neobux.
  • It is hard to retain referrals in Neobux due to the low earnings.
  • Very low-quality traffic for the advertisers because in PTC sites only those view ads who want to earn money, not those who are interested in those ads. So, advertising in PTC sites is also not a good idea.
  • Neobux has feature to rent referrals, but it is better not to use that because when you rent referrals, at first you will find that quite good, but after renting more referrals, you will start to face the troubles. You will get almost more than 70% inactive referrals due to which even it will be hard to cover the money that you will invest to rent the referrals. So, it is hard to make profit by renting referrals in Neobux.
  • Neobux forum rules are too much strict. If you write something harsh about them in their forum, then they will banned you from forum or even can suspend your account. So, always be careful before writing something in the forum of Neobux because they are too sensitive and they had already mentioned about it in their TOS 1.6 & 1.7. So, read those TOS carefully before you post anything in their forum.

So, due to the drawbacks as we have mentioned above, we simply don’t recommend Neobux.

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If you want to share this post with your friends and families, then please feel free to do so:-

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

So please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report or ask anything related to Neobux or online work industry.

Good Luck!

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  • #1

    Brenda (Monday, 20 August 2018 16:31)

    Thank you for your very helpful and insightful review. It doesn’t sound like Neobux will be around much longer. Maybe they will revamp their program, but it’s doubtful. You have obviously done a lot of research on this company, and your review seems completely honest and straightforward. Again, thanks. Online marketers need to know this information!

  • #2

    News Online Income (Monday, 20 August 2018 16:51)

    You are welcome Brenda.
    Yes, day by day people are not interested in these kinds of sites, so maybe Neobux will out of members very soon. However, it has managed to survive for a very long time, so it maybe will do something to revamp its program. But, even if it survives, we will not recommend it because Neobux is not worth time and money. It’s very difficult to make even a pocket money from this site.

  • #3

    Jane (Tuesday, 18 September 2018 07:49)

    Thank you very much for this detailed review. I had been wondering for some time until I bumped into this review!
    Much appreciated

  • #4

    Chris Chong (Wednesday, 03 October 2018 08:35)

    Hi dear admin,
    Stumbled across your post via Wealthy Affiliate. I’m really grateful to be able to stumble into WA while I was seeking for ways to build a passive income stream (building profitable niche websites).
    Eventually I’ve became a member of Wealthy Affiliate & following through the bootcamp & starting to build a niche site with ZERO experience in building websites, coding.

    Studied a lot about affiliate / internet marketing before I begin my AM journey. I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely the best place for everyone who wants to learn & build profitable niche websites by following the lessons.

    Absolutely value-for-money. Even if I’m earning in MYR (malaysian ringgit), the value for MYR which is 4 times LESS than USD, I’m still able to pay for the monthly / yearly subscription fee.

    I’m not leaving the platform anytime soon, it has taught me a lot & met some like minded people from the community.

  • #5

    News Online Income (Sunday, 03 March 2019 15:50)

    Thanks a lot dear Jane 🙂

  • #6

    News Online Income (Sunday, 03 March 2019 15:53)

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best program to make a good income online as well as to learn lots of opportunities to make money online. Do you mean you join Wealthy Affiliate by reading this review:- ? If so, then we are very thankful to you for joining WA as our referral. You will definitely get lots of benefits for that.

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