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Are you searching for HashLabs reviews to find out what is in real, either is a scam or genuine, either is it safe to invest in Hash Labs mining plans or not? If so, then you have landed in the right place because here, within our Hash Labs review, you are going to find out the complete truth. So, let’s begin with our HashLabs review.


What is Hash Labs? Either is a HashLabs legit or fraud? is a company claiming to provide the bitcoin mining platform where its members can make money by investing in those mining plans. But, we don’t recommend you to join HashLabs due to the reasons as we have explained below.

HashLabs complaints. Is a HashLabs fake or real? Is a HashLabs legit or hoax?

We don’t recommend HashLabs due to the following reasons:-

  • HashLabs has provided its company’s address as “2 Henderson Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 2JZ, UK”. However, when we search in Google map, we are unable to locate any company with the name HashLabs at or near to that address. Instead, we only find “Bank of Scotland” and residential buildings on that address. On top of that, on its “Terms of Service” page, it has mentioned its TOS shall be governed by the laws of Netherlands. Now why any company from the UK will be governed by the laws of the Netherlands? So, it doesn’t seem HashLabs has provided the real company’s address.
  • The “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” pages of Hash Labs match with lots of scam sites.
  • Although HashLabs claims to be a mining company, it hasn’t provided the physical location of its mining farm.
  • The only verifiable source of income coming into the Hash Labs is nothing other than the investment of its members/affiliates. So, it may be running a Ponzi scheme which is an illegal and unsustainable scheme. If you don’t know what is Ponzi scheme, then you can click >HERE<.
  • The rate of return that it is providing on the investment amount of members on its mining contract looks too good to be true. None of the real mining company like Genesis Mining can pay such amount of return on any kinds of mining contract. Like lots of scam mining companies, it also claims to provide the free 25 Gh/s which once again makes it more unsustainable company. So, it may pay a few members at starting but will stop paying anytime in the future due to which the majority of members will lose their investment. That is how lots of scam mining sites are operating. Those scam mining sites have only paid few members and that is also only to show the payment proofs to lure more people into their scam.

Due to the reasons as mentioned above, we don’t recommend Hash Labs and have listed Hash Labs in our Not Recommended sites list.


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Good Luck!

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    Dazz (Wednesday, 29 May 2019 03:55)

    Hi Guys, i’ve had two payouts already from

    Will keep you informed about what happens with them.

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