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Gmail Critical Security Alert for Your Account Scam

Gmail users, beware of "Gmail critical security alert for your account" email. If you have recently got the email with the subject "Gmail Critical Security Alert for Your Account" mentioning you need to click the link provided in the email to recover your Gmail account, then that may be a scam.


Don't click the link as provided in the email, instead directly go to the official website of Gmail and sign in to your account from there. If you can sign in normally, then that proves that email is a scam. If you can't log in to your Gmail account from its official site, then definitely Gmail will provide you some instruction which you can follow to recover your account. So, either you got a genuine email or the scam one, for safety, it's better you don't click the link as they have provided in the email.


You can also check your Gmail account status directly going to


You can find the example of these kinds of email scam as below.

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Gmail Critical Security Alert for Your Account phishing email

How to identify either is Gmail Critical Security Alert email is scam or not

You can identify either is an email scam or not by observing the email address of the sender. For example, if you got the email mentioning that your Gmail account has a security issue, then if that email is really sent by the Gmail then that will be from the Google official email address which ends with "" such as,  "". Instead of that if you get the email from the email address such as, "" or "" and so on, then definitely that is not from the real Google company.


But to trick people, sometimes such sender put the email address similar to "". So, the best way to save yourself is by not clicking the link in those emails and directly going to the official website of the respective company and check your account status there.


These kinds of emails are sent by the hacker to hack your account information so that they can get your personal information and sell that to the third parties. When you log in to the email address by clicking the link as they have provided in their email, they will get your email password and will take your all personal details that you have linked with your email address. They will make money by selling that personal information to the different parties. If your email address is linked with your credit card details or payment processor details, then they will even try to take out your money. So, never ever click the link as they have provided in those kinds of emails.


Actually, you can find such emails in the name of other company also, not only in the name of Google accounts. So, always be careful to click the links in the emails. You can click >HERE< to find some example of such similar kind of email send in the name of a Microsoft account. Below you can find the example of this kind of Google critical security alert phishing email.

Example of Gmail Critical Security Alert email scam

From: Administration <>

Date: May 9, 2018 at 5:55:01 AM PDT

Subject: Critical security alert for your account


Your account is listed as the recovery email for. Don't recognize this profile? click here.

attempt was blocked for your linked account

Someone just used your password to try to sign in to your profile.



You received this email to let you know about important changes to your profile and services.

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