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GenMine.Pro Review: It's a Scam, stay out of it - NOI

GenMine.Pro Review: It's a Scam, stay out of it

Yes, stay out of GenMine.Pro because GenMine.Pro is a scam, not the real cloud mining company. Our this Gen Mine Pro review is to warn you not to invest in GenMinePro.


So, now maybe you are thinking why is GenMine.Pro a scam, what makes Gen Mine Pro a scam, what is Gen Mine Pro in real and so on right? Well, definitely we are going to describe that within our GenMinePro review here. So, your search for GenMine.Pro reviews to find out the reality of this site ends here.


What is GenMine.Pro? Why is a GenMine.Pro scam?

GenMine.Pro is a site pretending to be the cloud mining site but in reality is just a Ponzi Scheme which is an illegal scheme. It is not a legal company. So, definitely, GenMinePro is a scam.

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Why is GenMine.Pro a fraud cloud mining site?

GenMine.Pro is a fraud cloud mining site because it is only claiming to mine the cryptocurrency but in reality, isn't mining anything. It hasn't provided any proof of its mining or the physical location of its mining farm.


The address which has provided by Gen Mine Pro doesn't belong to any company with the name Gen Mine Pro. Not only that, it has provided the address from USA on its website whereas in WHOIS it has mentioned it is from Canada.


GenMinePro hasn't provided any information about who is operating GenMine Pro on its website and that information has also concealed in WHOIS details. In online work and business industry, only scam sites hide their owner details, not the legit ones.


The rate of return which Gen Mine Pro is offering on the investment of members is practically not possible for any real cloud mining companies like Genesis Mining. We can't generate such high profit constantly by mining cryptocurrency. So, their this business claim itself proves that Gen Mine Pro is a scam.


So, neither the owner information of GenMinePro is clear nor its business model is legal or sustainable, so definitely we don't recommend you to invest in Gen Mine Pro. This is the reason why we have listed Gen Min Pro within our Bad and Scams category.

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