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GarminXShop Review: Legit? Garmin Scam? - NOI

GarminXShop Review: Legit? Another Garmin Scam? Review: Scam Alert!


Beware of GarminXShop scam online store which is claiming to sell the products of genuine Garmin brand but in reality, doesn't have any link with Garmin company. It is not an authorized seller for Garmin products. So, Garmin X Shop is not a genuine or trustworthy online store to purchase products of Garmin.


Actually, these days you can find lots of scam online stores claiming to sell the products of Garmin which look exactly similar to Garmin X Shop. For example:- GarminLive.Club, ShopSportWatchs.Club and so on. This makes clear that GarminXShop is a scam online store run and operated by the serial cybercriminal who has multiple similar kinds of scam online stores.


GarminXShop complaints. Is a GarminXShop fake or real? Is a GarminXShop legit or hoax?

What is in real? Why is a Garmin X Shop scam?

  • Aforementioned, GarminXShop is a scam online store pretending to sell the products of Garmin brand but in reality, it isn't an authorized seller to sell the products of Garmin. So, it is doing an illegal thing by claiming to sell the products of Garmin without their consent.
  • Actually, these days you can find multiple scam online stores claiming to sell the products of different brands which look very much similar with website.
  • Like other scam online stores, Garmin X Shop also hasn't provided any contact information, neither its company's address or phone number.
  • The trust seal logos like VeriSign that Garmin X Shop has provided on the bottom of its website are not clickable. However, the real trust seal logos should be clickable so that we can click on them which should redirect us to the pop-up page of respective trust seal providers where we can verify those trust seals. On top of that, VeriSign no longer issues SSL certificates so there is no longer a valid VeriSign site seal since 2012. Instead of that, the same company provides Norton Secured trust seal logo now. If you still don't believe us, you can contact Norton company and ask them to check the VeriSign logo presented on the bottom of GarminXShop website, then you will find out the reality by yourself.
  • Since GarminXShop has provided the fake trust seal logos, so it makes clear that GarminXShop website hasn't secured properly. So, if you shop at GarminXShop website, your personal and financial information such as your credit card information might be stolen.
  • Not only trust seals but the social media logos presented on the bottom of GarminXShop website are also not clickable. None of the professional websites will provide unclickable social media logos since there is no use of unclickable social media logos.
  • GarminXShop is offering a heavy discount on the listed products. Well, if you find any online store which is offering a heavy discount on the product's price, then you must know that is a big sign of a scam online store.
  • The desktop version of GarminXShop website is not available. It has only made the mobile version of the website which is another sign of scam online store.
  • Most of the scam online stores similar to GarminXShop haven't delivered the purchased items to their clients or have delivered the wrong or very low-quality item to their clients which look very much different than what they have advertised on their website.

Aforementioned, now it is clear that Garmin X Shop is a fraud online store. So we have listed GarminXShop in our Bad and Scams category.


These days you can find multiple scam online stores. So, you should be always careful while purchasing anything from the new online stores. Most of these online stores don't deliver the purchased items to their clients or deliver completely different or very cheap quality items. Some scam online stores are even found to be charging the credit card of the clients randomly without their consent. So, if you ever shop mistakenly from any scam online stores, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card.

Please feel free to share this Garmin X Shop review with your friends and families through your social media accounts to make them aware of this GarminXShop fraud site:-

Do you want to say something about Garmin X Shop or want to report about other Garmin scams or want to provide your own GarminXShop reviews? Do you need our help to investigate online works and businesses? If so, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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Comments: 9
  • #1

    Kairi Kuusik (Tuesday, 06 August 2019 15:03)


    I have ordered 2 watches from the Still haven't recieved them. What should I do next?

    Best regards,

  • #2

    Martyna (Tuesday, 13 August 2019 02:17)

    Hey, I'm in the same situation. They don't respond for my emails... What is more, they sent me a scarf instead of watch. I will report this case to the police. I don't see any other way..

  • #3

    News Online Income (Thursday, 15 August 2019 16:02)

    Dear Martyna,
    You can also ask your bank or credit card company to help you with a refund.

  • #4

    Christy (Thursday, 15 August 2019 19:15)

    I am also in this situation, I was sent a scarf instead of the garmin also. 🙁 how frustrating.

  • #5

    Sarah (Monday, 26 August 2019 04:28)

    I have been sent a scarf as well have sent numerous emails and they have replied admitting to sending incorrect product and have now said they are out of stock . I have reported them to the scam site. They are Thieves!!!

  • #6

    Zuzana (Monday, 02 September 2019 10:20)

    good day i have them with bad experience I paid 42 € and sent me some fake shawl gucci horribly. I want the money back.

  • #7

    marek bečák (Sunday, 15 September 2019 14:51)

    U teto společnosti jsem nakoupil hodiny, a dostal jsem šátek a brýle, mám kompletní online komunikaci jedná se o podvod

  • #8

    Lagneaux Kathy (Tuesday, 19 November 2019 14:24)

    Montre commandée en juillet et toujours rien reçu

  • #9

    ian kirk (Friday, 29 November 2019 12:04)

    I send for a garmin fenix watch the advert was on facebook they sent me a pair of sunglasses .bastards !!!!!

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