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What is about? Is Freelancer Scam or Legit?

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Freelancer Review. What is Freelancer? Is scam or legit? Is Freelancer a fraud company?

Here’s our one more review on the online business company. If you look at our reviews, then you can find only the research-based finding of any online business companies. Our aim is to provide you with factual information of any company that you think can be a part of your online job.

So, your search ends here if you were searching for the reviews in order to find out what is a Freelancer, either is a scam or a legit, either is there any Freelancer complaints from its members or not, either is fraud or not, either is Freelancer customer service good or not, either is any job of Freelancer fake or not and so on. In our review here, you gonna get the answers of all of these queries.

Actually, we have listed Freelancer within our Good and Trusted Online Works category, but also it is not our No.1 recommendation due to some negative aspects of this company because our No.1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate where you can earn good amount of money with less effort and time even without selling anything or recruiting anyone and that is also by developing your own business, not working for other due to which you can establish full-time income for  your lifetime on regular basis and don’t have to wait for jobs always as in If you are interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find the details by clicking this link:-

OK, now let’s begin with our Freelancer review in detail as below in order to find out what is Freelancer in real.

Freelancer login and join in link, click here:-

Is Freelancer fake or real? Freelancer complaints. Is Freelancer fraud or legit?

What is

The owner of Freelancer is Matt Barrie from Sydney, Australia and the website domain was registered in 1995-08-18. This is the website which connects the freelancers to their customers. This is probably one of the leading freelancing marketplace counting their number of members and projects. Their outsourcing and crowdsourcing are very large that they connect more than 250 countries and regions.

This website is really a big help to the companies or employers where they can hire freelancers for doing their part of job i.e. accounting, marketing, human resource management, financial management, engineering, data entry, translation, graphic designing, Auto CAD, writing articles, books and contents, narrations, research and analysis, legal services, product launching and so on.

The modality of hiring is that the freelancers bid with their quoted price and duration of the job done on the particular assignments that the employers offering in the market. Freelancers can get these projects on the antenna icon or search bar. There are some major factors which determine your winning bid for that particular job. First one is the rating and the number of reviews provided by previous employers to you. The highest number of reviews you have or rating you get, highest the possibility to get the projects. Second is your profile and your experience on similar project and the third one is the service charge and time of completing the project. So, if you meet all of these criteria, then you can be the winner of the project. Your considerate decision determines whether the project will be yours or not.

The pricing of starter membership is FREE, means the basic freelancer profile is for free and 29.95 USD per month for premium membership, means to create the professional profile, which in our opinion is quite reasonable for this kind of website. So any newbies can afford this website for their part of online work or even the experts of online business can consider this as part of their online income. So there is huge potential in this job if you have good experience and capacity to do the job. So, we have categorized this company as legit one as you can earn decent money from your expertise and decent work. The only point is that you need to bid reasonable value keeping reasonable time period to finish the job.

Positive Aspects of

This website provides you the opportunity to earn very good income as part time or full time, anything you want. So being a freelancer you can get lots of assignments at the same time, depends upon your capacity. You can quit your project if you want. Further, you will get certification after the completion of an assignment which will be displayed in your profile. The certification is in three level, first one being a beginner or like a trainee and the last one being the expert or the most advanced.

Negative Aspects of

There are so many projects that are offered but the competition is very high. You need to be very tactful and lucky enough to get an assignment. You can get only eight bids as a free member which regenerates in 96 hours serially. As a premium member, you will get 800 bids.

You also need to be careful with some clients because there are some clients which will try to squeeze your payment as far as they can. There is a dispute resolution center which is obviously open for such reasons.

Conclusion and our Recommendation in itself is legit but some of its features are little bit complex for the newbies. First, you have to be very tactful while bidding. If you cannot bid reasonably then there are so many options for the employers that your chances get minimal. The employer will always go for highly reviewed and rated candidates or as per the certification level. So, why to choose you if they have better options in the marketplace in same or a bit change pricing. You also need to invest to get more bids as to meet the competition here. So you will be paid if you get the job and do the job.

Well, this is not the good option for you if you really want to earn handsome amount of money from online work. This can only be a part of your online work but you have to give much time to complete the task. So what we suggest is to start your own online business where you can work freely in your own terms and conditions with an expert to guide you, better choice of works, keeping yourself in job discipline and your hard work, patience and dedication. You can find many such companies who provide you training on starting your own online business, but according to our research Wealthy Affiliate is a No.1 platform for that because it provides detail tutorial on online business and guarantees you for your awesome earnings. Wealthy Affiliate is the most trustworthy and easygoing platform at the moment which provides you huge opportunities for your online business. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, you can click this link:-

Now you must be clear either is a scam or a legit. So, if you want to share this review with your friends and families through your social media accounts, then please feel free to do so.

We love to hear from you. So, if you want to provide your own Freelancer reviews or want to report anything about Freelancer or want our help in relation to online work and the business industry, then please feel free to leave your comment below. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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  • shrishti (Friday, 14 February 2020 06:01)

    I am from India
    I received this mail, what should I do
    And can you tell how much truth there is.


    These are your identification numbers:
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    people was selected as our winners, Through electronic ballot System without the winner applying.
    1. Full Names:
    2. Residential Address:
    3. Mobile Number:
    4. Occupation:
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    6. Age:
    7. Send Us One Passport id And One Photos:
    8. Marital Status:
    9. Bank Name:
    10. Holders Name:
    11. Bank Branch:
    12. Account Number:
    13. Language Known:
    CONTACT NUMBER: +44-871-9748523

  • NewsOnlineIncome
  • Without a doubt, that is a scam message.
  • Mai (Thursday, 07 November 2019 21:31)

    The Freelancer dot com do not have filter on employers’ legitimacy, as result some employers are posting projects then will suddenly chat and ask for your email. The freelancer and the employer work offsite of the website which is a waste of time sometimes since this violates the policies of

  • Enrique M Buenavista (Tuesday, 30 July 2019 12:06)

    Looking for passive income business

  • Shivani Goyal (Monday, 20 May 2019 01:54)


    I want to join freelancing work. If something is there kindly inform me.

  • Nirvani singh (Sunday, 10 March 2019 07:32)

    I’m looking for an online job like a customer care representative.

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