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EtherMiners Review, What is EtherMiners? – NOI
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Is Ether Miners scam or legit? Are you searching for EtherMiners reviews to find it out? If so, then sorry to say that we have listed it within our Bad and Scam Online Works section because it is a kind of Ponzi scheme which is not a sustainable business model and risky too. You will find more details about it, the real truth about Ether Miners, both pros and cons, within our review as below. However, before that if you want to take a look at our recommended online work companies list, then you can simply click this link:-


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OK, let’s begin with our Ether Miners review as below. scam, ether miners scam, ether miners review, what is ether miners, ether miners legit

Ether Miners Join in and Log in URL:-

Background of EtherMiners, What is Ether Miners?

Ether Miners claims to be a new crypto platform and they have created new platform based on cryptocurrency which is known as Ethereum cryptocurrency which was started from July 30, 2015. Ether Miners also claims that they will pay the stable payments, fixed profit within fixed days to their investors which is actually already an unsustainable business claim because none of the legit companies can predict how much exact profit they can make within certain period of time. So, it is clear that if they can’t make enough profit to pay their investors as per their claim, they will simply pay old members from the investment of new members, which is obviously a Ponzi scheme. On top of that, they offer very high rate of return to the investors, that is upto 1500% of the invested amount which is definitely very unrealistic and unsustainable rate.  They have also hide their owner details. Neither on their website, nor in WHOIS details we can find out any information about the owner of Ether Miners which is very bad sign because most of the time only scam companies want to hide their owner details.



How to earn money from EtherMiners? Actually have more chance to lose

Although you can joinEther Miners free of cost, but in order to earn money from it you have to invest in its different plans. Such as, if you invest from $10 to $15000 in their Ether Elite Tarrif Plan, then you will earn back total 300% ROI within 100 days and that is also on 0.125% hourly basis. Similarly, if you go for 200 days plan, you will earn back total 600% ROI, if you go for 300 days plan then 900% ROI and if you go for 500 days plan, then 1500% ROI.


You also can earn money by referring people to join this company. You can earn commission form your referrals purchases up to 3 level of your referrals, means from the referrals of your referrals. You can earn 7% from your direct referrals, means from level 1 referrals purchases, 3% from your level 2 referrals purchases, means from the referrals of your level 1 referrals and 2% from level 3 referrals purchases.


Actually we think more than this we don’t have to explain because when there is 1500% ROI plan for 500 days, that is already very unrealistic and unsustainable business model which can be paid only by following Ponzi scheme business model which can’t be sustain for long run and sooner or later the company will stop paying to their members or even will shutdown their site. This kind of business is not legal as well.



Conclusion: Is scam? Yep, Actually.

Aforementioned, if some companies are offering unsustainable rate of return to their investors and running business by following Ponzi scheme business model, then even if they pay at the moment, very soon they will stop paying or even will shutdown their site. So, we have listed it within our Bad and Scam Online Works section because it is an upcoming scam.


Even it seems that the team of EitherMiners know by themselves that they can’t be sustain for long run, so may be that is the reason they have hide the owner details completely. So it is obvious that we don’t recommend this company. If you want to take a look at our recommended online work companies list, then you can find those by clicking this link:-


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