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EdenTraffic Review, Is EdenTraffic Scam – NOI
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Before we begin with review of EdenTraffic, we want to make you clear that neither we are promoting nor we are recommending this company. We are only delivering the truth about Eden Traffic. 


Actually, we only recommend established companies like Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to find out the details on Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


OK, now let’s begin with our EdenTraffic review. Let’s find out either Eden Traffic is scam or legit?

Attention:- The same kind of company known as TrafficMonsoon is now under investigation by SEC, for details click this link:- So, if SEC declares TrafficMonsoon as a Ponzi scheme, then EdenTraffic will be too. So, better we don’t involve with EdenTraffic.

Below is our previous review on EdenTraffic

EdenTraffic complaints. EdenTraffic reviews. EdenTraffic legit or not?

Background of EdenTraffic

The EdenTraffic has officially launched on 30 Nov 2015. The owner of site is Arnulf Gleisner from German. We find out that he use to work as an affiliate marketer in various online work companies. 



What is Eden Traffic

Eden Traffic is an advertising revenue sharing program. 


These days revenue sharing sites like EdenTraffic is becoming popular day by day. The most popular of its kind was TrafficMonsoon which has been already shutdown by SEC which proves this kind of business model is not legal.


So, we should warned everyone that most of revenue sharing sites won’t last for longer unless they able to generate real profit from the members instead of paying old members from the investment of new members.


As per our research, EdenTraffic is not generating enough revenue to pay all its members. Even if they manage to make enough profit to pay back to each members in revenue sharing pools, then also it is still a risky business because those sales can be dropped at any time which may create lots of debt to the company. So, in both way, it is a risky business, either they pay old members from the money of new members or they generate real profit from the good sales.


So, from our side, we don’t recommend you to work with Eden Traffic.



Our Conclusion on EdenTraffic

Aforementioned, EdenTraffic is a revenue sharing platform and it is always risky to invest in this kind of platform and this kind of business model is also not legal. If they don’t able to make enough sales through their advertisement services, then they need to keep on paying old members from money invested by new members which will lead company into debt soon. However, even if they able to make enough sales, it is not guarantee that company can always get sales in same ratio, so there may be debt situation again in the future even if company makes good sales and profit at the moment.


So, from our side, we don’t recommend companies like Eden Traffic.

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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