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Clixten Review – Is Clixten a Scam or a Legit? - NOI

Clixten Review – Is Clixten a Scam or a Legit?

Final Update:- Clixten has been already closed by now and it seems it hasn't paid the owe money of many members which makes it a scam. So, following review on Clixten is not applicable anymore.


Following is our previous updates and review on Clixten which is not applicable anymore.


Updated: 27 March 2017:- Clixten is back and online, but also still we don't recommend it because after their PayPal issue, the existing members can withdraw money only if they invest in the company more than what they have invested before from PayPal and also it seems the owner of the site is not active as before. For 4-5 days site went offline as we have updated in 22 March 2017 as below, but also when they online back, they didn't provide any information why site went offline and pretend like nothing happen. Even it becomes very difficult to earn a pocket money from Clixten.


Not only that but due to the fact that PTC sites are not good platform either to make money or to advertise our products and services, we don't recommend any PTC sites. You can find out in details why we don't recommend any PTC sites by clicking this link:-

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End of Ads by Media

Updated:- 22 March 2017:- It seems Clixten has completely gone scam now because form yesterday (22 March 2017), we can't access the Clixten site. It seems site is already shutdown. Like we have guessed before and updated on 29 January 2017, it seems we did right by listing it within our Not Recommended list.


Updated:- 29 January 2017:- It seems Clixten is having payment issues. There are lots of members claiming they haven't got their payment after waiting for a long time. After PayPal disable their account, even they stop paying existing members who have invested from PayPal unless they invest again in the site 50% of what they have invested from PayPal in order to get paid. It seems PayPal incident is going to make them very difficult. So, we want to warn everyone not to work with Clixten.


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So, is that means Clixten scam? Well, you can find the details within our Clix Ten review. So, let's begin with the Clixten info review as below.

Clixten Review - Work at Home Company - Is it Legit or Scam?

Background of Clixten:-

Clixten was launched on November 1, 2012. The owner and admin of Clixten is Pascal Mihaela from Romania.


What is,

Clixten is PTC (Pay to Click service) website in which members can earn money by viewing advertisements and advertisers can advertise their products and services. However, we don't recommend you to use Clixten either to make money or to advertise the products and services because you can't make even a $10 in a year by working with Clixten and you will not get any good conversions by advertising your products and services in PTC sites like Clixten.


Drawbacks of Clixten:-

1. Clixten also provides additional features to earn money like Paid to Sign up, Clixgrid, Like Flow etc. But, we think those are completely waste of time because you can’t make enough money comparing with the time and effort that you have to provide to complete those works. For example:-

  • If you work in Paid to Sign up feature, then it is not guarantee that you will be paid even after you complete the work honestly because all of those works are listed by the advertisers, not by Clixten itself and we have found most of those advertisers are rejecting works of members even after they have completed them honestly.
  • If you work in Clixgrid, then you will not make money all the time because Clixgrid is like a lucky draw games in which you need to view ads, but only some lucky people will get cash. So, most of the time you will get nothing.
  • If you work in Like Flow Section, then you need to like bunches of Facebook pages for which you will be credited only $0.001. But afterwards, your Facebook will be floated with bunches of pages and will waste your time to manage it.

Comparing with the effort that you have to provide to complete these works, you will earn very less amount. So, if you manage same time and effort to work in other genuine online work companies like we have listed within our Good and Trusted Online Works category, then you can make a good amount of money. So, the sites like Clixten is not good to make money in any ways.


2. Clixten is a PTC site and there is a record of PTC sites turning into scams even after running successfully for many years.


3. Earning is very low, you can't make even a $10 per year from your own work in Clixten.


4. Very low-quality traffic for the advertisers because in PTC sites only those view ads who want to earn money, not those who are interested in those ads. So, advertising in PTC sites is also not a good idea.


5. Clixten has a feature to rent referrals, but it is better not to use that because when you rent the referrals, at first you will find that quite good, but after renting more referrals, you will start to face the troubles. You will get almost more than 70% inactive referrals due to which even it will be hard to cover the money that you will invest to rent the referrals. So, it is hard to make profit by renting referrals in Clixten.


6. If you don’t have enough number of referrals in Clixten, your earning will be too much low and even if you able to make some referrals by following the strategy as we have mentioned in our another post which you can find by clicking -->HERE<--, then also you can't make even a pocket money within a year form Clixten. It is because when people join Clixten, most of the time they think about earning from their own clicks and by renting referrals. But, when they realize they can't earn good income from their own click and even lose money by renting referrals, they just leave the site due to which it will be very hard to get good amount of active referrals.


So, due to the drawbacks as we have mentioned above, we simply don't recommend Clixten.

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