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Cashtravel Review, Is Cashtravel Scam or Legit? - NOI

Cashtravel Review, Is Cashtravel Scam or Legit?

Update, 5 August 2017:- Finally we decide not to recommend CashTravel, but not because it is a bad or anything like that. It is paying from 2012. But the reason we don't recommend it is due to the amount of money that we can earn from this site. We test it for almost 3 years and find out that it is hard to earn even $10 within a year by your own clicks. Yep, we can refer people and earn referral commissions. But, many people don't know how to refer people and most of them don't want to learn due to which our referrals become inactive when they see they can't earn good enough money on their own from this site. We applied many ways to market to get referrals, even you can find our this review in first page in Google, which means we were also getting lots of referrals just from this review, then also we were unable to make even a $10 in one year, means including our referrals earnings. As you can see in our previous review on CashTravel as below that we have clearly mentioned it is not the site to earn full time online income, but instead just a site to earn pocket money and also have recommended our No.1 online work company to earn full time online income for your lifetime and that is Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


But, after we work with CashTravel for 3 years, we find out that it is even not suitable to make a pocket money because with hundreds of referrals, making only around $10 a year is very less amount. Actually, our lots of referrals became inactive after working for 2-3 months. Then we realized that if you can't earn good income from your own click, then it is hard to get good amount of active referrals in that site too. So, if you can be satisfied with such low earnings, then you can work in this site because it is still paying on time. But, form our side we don't recommend it. Now we have moved it to our Not Recommended sites list. We also suggest you to take a look at our list of good and trusted online work companies to earn good income online by clicking this link:-


Following is our previous review on CashTravel. has been paying to its members from the beginning, so we have listed it in our “Good and Trusted Online Works” section. But that doesn’t mean we can earn a huge amount of money and get rich overnight by working here. It is a part time job where we can earn few amount of money which can be categorized as pocket money earning section. Therefore, if you are searching for a full time online career, then we suggest you the No.1 rated program known as Wealthy Affiliate, for further more details on Wealthy Affiliate, click here:-


Ok, lets begin with Cash Travel Review as below:

Cash Travel login and join in link:- http:// www. cashtravel. info/

Cash Travel Money, Cash Travel Review, Is CashTravel Legit or Scam? Click here to register and work in CashTravel

Background of Cash Travel

CashTravel website has been paying to its members on time from its establishment date which is 2012 without any serious cases. It is Canada based website, managed and owned by Tony Xu.



Is it free or should we pay for the membership in Cash Travel?

It is free to join and work in Cash Travel.



How can we earn from Cash Travel?

Like many other PTC sites, it also has been paying to its member for certain works like clicking and viewing the ads as well as additionally this site has function of earning by completing the sign up offers provided by the website, reading texts ads and completing offers. In this site you can refer unlimited referrals and can increase your earnings by making as many referrals as you can. Therefore, more referrals, more money. So, in order to find out the detail strategy to make referrals in CashTravel as well as in any other online work companies, please click >HERE<


The click rate of ads in Cash Travel is starting from $0.0001 to $0.001 and its minimum cash out is $0.05. The payment system includes Paypal and Payza. 



Drawbacks of CashTravel

  1. It is restricted in China. So, it is not worldwide based online work, which can be counted as negative side of this website.
  2. Comparing to other PTC sites, the earnings here is less due to which it takes time to earn good amount of money from this site. However, if you can refer good amount of referrals, then you can earn some decent amount of money. In order to find out the detail strategy to make referrals in Cash Travel as well as in any other online work companies, please click >HERE<
  3. Aforementioned, CashTravel is a slow earning website, so you won’t earn good amount of money in this website and in other hand if you don’t have any referrals, then working in this website will be just a waste of time. If you are looking to earn good amount of money online, then you should join top rated company like Wealthy Affiliate, for more details, please click the link below:

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