Review: Is a BTCFury Scam or Legit? - NOI Review: Is a BTCFury Scam or Legit? is a scam. Yes, we don't deny the fact that BTCFury may pay few members, but still, BTCFury is a fraudulent business. Do you want to know why? Well then, let's find out in detail what is in real and why is a scam through this BTCFury review. So your search for BTCFury reviews to find out either is a BTC Fury scam or genuine ends here. OK, let's begin with our BTC Fury review to find out what makes BTCFury an untrustworthy website.


What is BTC Fury in real? Why is BTCFury a fraud business scheme?


BTC Fury is a Ponzi scheme which means an illegal and unsustainable scheme where only a few members get paid and the majority of members will lose their investment at the end. To find more details, please keep on reading this BTC Fury review below.

BTCFury complaints. Is a BTCFury fake or real? Is a BTCFury legit or fraud?

BTC Fury is a fraudulent website due to the following reasons:-

  • Aforementioned, BTCFury is a Ponzi scheme, which already makes it a scam.
  • BTCFury is a Ponzi scheme because it doesn't have any real source of income. The only verifiable source of income coming into the BTCFury is nothing other than the money invested by its affiliates/members.
  • BTCFury has claimed it is making a profit from commission deductions of financial transactions that it carries out for its clients around the world. So, it claims to pay up to 3.84% to 5.1% daily profit on the deposit amount of its members. However, it fails to provide proof to support its claims. There is not any proof of its so-called profit from commission deductions of financial transactions. Actually, its whole claim doesn't make any sense same as other Ponzi schemes.
  • If any company can make up to 5.1% daily profit, then they will invest their own money to make a profit for themselves instead of collecting money from several people by paying them that profit. If they don't have money, they even have an option to take a bank loan, any business or personal bank loan which will cost them only a 1% monthly interest rate. So, which company wants to pay 5.1% profit daily than paying 1% monthly to the bank? Of course, none of the legit companies will collect the money at such a high rate. Ponzi schemes never pass this logic test and prove themselves to be a Ponzi scheme.
  • If you check the "Restrictions" page of BTCFury, you will find out that it has mentioned its service is not available if you are located in, or a citizen or resident of any state, country, territory or other jurisdiction that is embargoed by the UNSC or where your use of the services would be illegal. It has also mentioned that you may not use its services if you are located in, or a citizen or resident of, any other jurisdiction where BTCFury has determined, at its discretion, to prohibit the use of the services (USA etc.). Well, this statement makes clear itself that BTCFury is an illegal business. But, BTCFury is making people confuse that its business may be only illegal in some countries while not in others. Well, that's not true. Actually, its business scheme is illegal all over the world. But, those restricted countries are more active to take action against the online scams than other countries where BTCFury is available. The USA has already shut down lots of Ponzi schemes so it doesn't want its business to be there. It just avoiding those countries which take legal actions rapidly so that it can run away with the money of the majority of members easily.
  • Ponzi schemes like BTCFury are not only illegal but also unsustainable. Even if legal authorities don't shut them down, then also they will fall by themselves due to the shortage of fund. Since Ponzi schemes like BTCFury don't have a real source of income, so they can pay members/affiliate only by routing the money between the members. So, each time they pay their members, they create the debt equal to the amount of profit that they pay to their members. Likewise, the debt will be kept on increasing day by day and ultimately they will run out of the fund. But, Ponzi schemes don't wait so long. When they collect enough money for themselves from various people, they just shut down their business and run away with the money of the majority of the members. This is the main motto of every Ponzi schemes, to scam people for money. That's why Ponzi scheme is an illegal scheme.
  • BTCFury has shown three registration documents in the name of BIG TECH FURY LIMITED registered from the United Kingdom, Marshall Islands and Hong Kong. Well, don't fall into this trick. This is the best trick used by lots of Ponzi schemes to scam innocent people. Those registrations are not the licenses to run an investment company like BTCFury but just a registration for tax purpose. Many scammers have already registered such company by providing the third person identities and virtual addresses by renting address from random virtual address rental service. We have explained in more detailed how the scammers are registering company from the United Kingdom in another post which you can find by clicking >HERE<. Registering company from the Marshall Islands and Hong Kong is also not different than registering from the UK Companies House. Even there is not any proof that BIG TECH FURY LIMITED has any link with BTCFury website.
  • In the past, lots of Ponzi schemes like BTC Fury had scammed lots of people. The recent example of a big Ponzi scheme is TessLine.
  • Legal authorities have already issued the warnings to stay away from Ponzi schemes. It is a crime to involve in Ponzi schemes like BTCFury.

Aforementioned, it is clear that BTC Fury is a scam. So, we have listed BTCFury in our Bad and Scams category. However, if you still don't believe us, then you can ask the legal authorities in your country to check the business of BTCFury, then you can find out the reality by yourself.


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    diane welsch (Wednesday, 10 July 2019 03:11)

    Scam site. admin did not reply my message after I invested money through bitcoin, $1300 I borrowed. Nixhyiprecoveryservice@gmailcom after I saw on Reddit that he helped someone. worked and I got my money back. Don’t invest.

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