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Yes, is a scam. Now maybe you want to know why is a scam, what makes BTC Pro a scam, what is in real and so on, right? Well, you don’t have to search any other BTC-Pro reviews to find the answers to these queries because here, within our BTC Pro review, you are going to find out the truth about BTC-Pro. So, let’s begin with our BTC-Pro review.


What is BTC Pro LTD and why is BTCPro a scam?


BTC Pro is a scam because it is a Ponzi scheme which means an illegal and unsustainable scheme. Legal authorities have already issued a warning to the general public to stay away from Ponzi schemes because the majority of members lose money in Ponzi scheme in the end.


Ponzi schemes can’t be sustained because they never have any real source of income and just circulate the money between the members to pay few members at starting so that they can lure more people into their scam and run away with a big amount of money.


Now maybe you are thinking how can we be sure that BTC Pro is a Ponzi scheme. Well, you will find out that below. 

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Why is a Ponzi Scheme?

BTC Pro is a Ponzi scheme because it doesn’t have any real source of income to pay its member. It is claiming to pay its member an unrealistic amount of profit such as 145% profit within a day but in reality, none of the legit companies will pay such amount of profit to collect the investment to invest in their project because instead of paying 145% within a day to several people, they can simply pay 1% monthly interest to the bank and take a loan from there to invest in their project. So, paying 145% profit within a day doesn’t pass any logic test and prove itself to be a Ponzi scheme.


Yep, BTC Pro has claimed it is investing in cryptocurrency trading. So it may say it can’t take a loan from a bank. However, definitely, the owner of BTC Pro can take a personal loan and invest in the project from where they are claiming to make 145% profit instead of collecting the investment from several people and paying them that profit.


Actually, every expert in the cryptocurrency trading market can identify that this is a scam site because no one can guarantee 145% profit within a day by trading in cryptocurrency. So, this again proves BTC Pro is a Ponzi scheme.


Don’t think BTC Pro is a legit due to its registration from the UK Companies House in the name BTC Pro LTD. Actually, in the past, 1000s of similar kinds of Ponzi schemes have registered from the UK Companies House and scammed millions of money from various people. You can find out in detail how the scam companies are registering from the UK Companies House by clicking >HERE<


The address which BTC Pro has provided on its website and UK Companies House registration document is not the real address of BTC Pro LTD company. That is just a virtual address which anyone can rent from virtual address service provider to register a company from UK Companies House. Even people use third person identities to register a company in the UK Companies House. So, providing such fake address definitely proves BTCPro is a scam.


The name of the owner and the company’s address is hidden within WHOIS details of which again proves BTC Pro doesn’t want people to know who and from where is operating and running website.


So, from every angle, BTC-Pro is a scam, that’s why we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.

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