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AdHitProfits Review - Is Ad Hit Profit Scam or Legit

Attention:- The sister site of AdHitProfits known as TrafficMonsoon has been seized by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) about which you can find in detail within our TrafficMonsoon review page by clicking this link:- So, we don't suggest you to join or work in AdHitProfits as well.

Following is our old review on AdHitProfits

NOTE:- Following is the review based on our research on Adhitprofits. We are not providing this review to you in order to promote or recommend this site. We are only providing this review so that you will be aware of the facts about this site. Our No.1 recommended company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate either by clicking following link or red banner as below :- 

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The admin of AdHitProfits is Charles Scoville and he is the owner of previous scam sites like Infinitybux etc.


AdHitProfits is online from April 8th 2013. 


But, the site was creating debt and we thought Charles Scoville would now close this site but again he opened new site known as "TrafficMonsoon". But "TrafficMonsoon" got seized by SEC which proves the business model of these sites are illegal.



So, we don't recommend anyone to work in Adhitprofits because without purchasing advertising products, members can't earn within Adhitprofits and if you purchase advertisements, you will not get any good conversions from those advertisements because the traffic quality of this site is very bad. However, if you purchase those ads only to earn back some profit, then also we don't recommend you because you never know when these kinds of sites will be collapsed. 


So, if you are searching around to build a real online income for lifetime, then we suggest you to join our No.1 recommended online work company. You can find the detail about our No.1 recommendation by clicking --->HERE<---


You can find other legit online work companies listed within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section and other scam online work companies listed within our "Bad and Scams" section.

It will be our pleasure to hear from you. So please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report anything about Ad Hit Profits or want to give any feedback to our website.  

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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