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About Team of News Online Income – NOI

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We are a team of experts in the field of online work and the business industry. We have been involved in the online business sector since 2008. So, using our expertise, we want to help people to identify the online scams and also guide them to work in legit online work and business platforms.

Our team is from China and Nepal. The founders of News Online Income, “Zhang Long” are from China and “Suman Roka” is from Nepal. However, Suman Roka always travels between China and Nepal for his business purpose, so we can say Suman Roka is from both China and Nepal. People also know Suman Roka as Deraj or Deroka and Zhang Long as Ditiea.

Suman Roka is also an editor, author, researcher and admin of News Online Income and Zhang Long is also an author, researcher, and co-admin of News Online Income.

Besides Suman Roka and Zhang Long, there are also other executive team members in News Online Income about whom we have provided details within our other posts. So, if you want to find out the details on Zhang Long and Suman Roka as well as about other executive team members of NewsOnlineIncome, then you can click the following respective links:-

In order to find out the details about the founders of News Online Income including their background, please click this link:-

In order to find out the details about the executive team members of News Online Income, please click this link:-

If you want to find out about the overall service of NewsOnlineIncome, then we suggest you visit our home page by clicking this link:-

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