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Your search for 5DArtist reviews to find out either is a scam or genuine ends here. Through this 5DArtist review, you are going to find out what is in real and either is a 5D Artist scam or trustworthy. So, without further delay, let’s begin with our 5D Artist review to find out the reality of the 5DArtist online store.


You can find the facts about 5DArtist, which is claiming to sell 5D Artist Diamond Painting Kits below which will help you to identify either is 5DArtist scam or trustworthy.


5DArtist complaints. Is a 5DArtist fake or real? Is a 5DArtist legit or hoax?

You can find the facts about 5D Artist online store below:-

  • Previously, when we tried to open the 5DArtist website, antivirus software detected a threat in its URL. You can find the screenshot below as proof. However, now it looks like 5DArtist has solved that issue since we can’t find any such threats on the 5DArtist website.

Threat detected by AVG Antivirus on 5DArtist website.

  • Previously, we found the fake trust seals provided on the product detail and checkout pages of the 5DArtist website. But, now there are not such fake trust seals. So, maybe at starting 5DArtist was in construction mode which they have solved now.
  • 5DArtist has provided its company’s address as “4080 Schiff Drive, Las Vegas, NV, USA 89103” on its “Privacy Statement” page. However, this address is found to be used by lots of suspicious sites as their company’s address. For example, WonderGears, HonestEssence, BabyTastic, SmokingHot.MyShopify, Secure.CleverHarness and so on. Even some of these sites have already closed by now. If one company is operating multiple sites, then they will mention that on their website. However, 5D Artist hasn’t mentioned anywhere about its link with other sites whose address it has been claiming to be its company’s address. So, either 5DArtist has copy-pasted its company’s address from other websites or those other websites have copy-pasted the address of 5DArtist.

However, after we released this 5DArtist review, the team of 5DArtist contacted us and explained to us about their legitimacy which you can find below:-


“Phone number can be found in FAQ – how can i contact customer service.
Customers have many ways to contact us:
1) in the main menu, we have contact us form
2) in the FAQ – we have our email and phone number
3) in each page we have blue sign in the righ down corner, with a live chat
Regarding the cookies and viruses, our website powered by Shopify, which is well known multibillion platform. 
Regarding the McAfee, Norton, we used to have them, but stopped using them. I checked with our development team, its been fixed already.
Also, BP Innovations LLC operating multiple websites, such a
Both for 5D Artist and Wonder Gears we do have trademarks.
Even on facebook our page has 4.6 satisfaction rate.”

After the 5DArtist team contacted us and explained to us as above, we did further research. As per our second research, we don’t find bad things about the 5DArtist online store but still, we don’t mean we recommend it or promote it. We are here only to deliver the facts. Based on the facts as we have mentioned above, it’s up to you to decide either you want to purchase any item from 5DArtist or not.


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    Jess (Sunday, 05 April 2020 05:39)

    5dartist didnt tell me the shipping cost until I’d paid and by that point it was too late I’d lost £18 I didnt even realise I was buying it. I’ve since tried to contact them to get a refund but so far no reply…

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